Businesses today are realizing that they need systems that can help eliminate the chaos, and make their business process more effective. Systems that can improve the processes to enhance business and employee productivity, control costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve your competitive advantage.

Unified Software is an innovative business solutions company focused on creating value for clients by effectively and inventively harnessing technology to improve total business performance. Unified Software partners with businesses to design and engineer mission critical solutions. Out services include architecture, planning, design, development, managed application hosting, strategic marketing and branding.

We know how you feel about your business. Maybe you built it up on your own, or maybe it has been in your family for years. Regardless of its history, your business is a source of intense pride and you naturally want what's best for it.

At Unified Software, we understand how difficult change can be, and that's why we work so hard to make it easy and convenient for you to make your business operate more efficiently. From processes to productivity, operating costs to customer satisfaction, or administration to accounting, our systems are both comprehensive and customizable.

Our experts are dedicated to just one thing – your complete satisfaction. When you choose a Unified Software application, you are ensured of the most professional service and robust software products on the market today. Our portfolio of services includes:

• Architecture
• Planning
• Design
• Development
• Managed application hosting
• Strategic marketing and branding

Unified Software partners with you to design and engineer mission critical solutions for your business success. It doesn't matter if you need a complete application replacement or simply an addition of one or two specific functions, the service and quality is the same. Outstanding.


Unified Software is all about innovation, and that's why we continually work to improve our existing products and develop new products to better meet your needs. Our Software application platform is a perfect example of a revolutionary product that continues to evolve and improve. Other examples of United Software innovations include:

√ New Fleet Manager software for the special needs of Taxi, Paratransit, and Airport Shuttle businesses

√ New Software As A Service (SAAS) offerings for businesses that prefer to run our software directly from our data center rather than at their own location

√ Multiple configurations of all services, including Basic, Advanced, and Professional

√ Add-on modules such as Cashiering, Mobile Management, Web Reservations, Credit Card Processing, and more

√ Complete design and development of systems, including integration of United Software products and third party software and/or hardware

United Software is your first choice for comprehensive, customizable, and innovative solutions for your business needs, whatever they may be.

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