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Technology Spending in the Transportation Industry Remains Strong Despite Economic Downturn

While rising fuel costs continue to plague the transportation industry, charter companies still recognize the value in investing in technology to streamline procedures and boost efficiency amidst the economic downturn.

Franklin, Tn. - - July 7, 2008
- After months of customization, testing and training Unified Software recently completed the successful implementation of IKAR, a multi-faceted software solution for Stout’s Charter Service. Regarded as one of Trenton, N.J.’s leading providers of low-cost paratransit medical and non-medical transportation, Stout’s Charter Service made the decision to invest in the software system despite rising fuel costs and other daunting economic factors and impediments plaguing the transportation industry.

“For many companies, keeping a sharper eye on spending will be key in surviving the rough economy,” said Sevada Badalian, president of Unified Software. “But for others, especially in the transportation industry, investing in technology will be critical in streamlining operations to boost efficiency and save money. It will also be essential in catering to customers’ needs and maintaining consumer loyalty as competitors become more aggressive in seeking new business to offset rising operational costs.”

The transportation industry relies heavily on technology and innovative software applications to manage logistics and day-to-day operations. According to Gartner Consulting, IT spending in the transportation industry will increase at a 4% compound annual growth rate worldwide over the next two years. Scheduling, accounting, administration, fleet management and a number of additional tasks are all widely managed by software applications in the industry.

Unified Software specializes in superior software solutions that help transportation providers more effectively manage these tasks and processes, as well as increase productivity and customer satisfaction. IKAR, the system recently implemented by Stout’s Charter Service is a Windows-based client server application custom designed for ground transport companies. The programming solution is capable of handling numerous tasks including call taking, scheduling, dispatching, pricing, invoicing, fleet management and payroll. IKAR integrates smoothly with existing software and be customized to meet any company’s unique needs.

Before the implementation of IKAR, Stout’s Charter Service did not have a comprehensive software solution to manage daily tasks. As a result, the staff was inundated with paperwork, which had become extremely time consuming. Since the company has gone live with the new IKAR application, they use the system to manage all of their day-to-day operations, including job reservations, trip scheduling and accounting. After just one month of using the software, the company has already noticed a tremendous difference in the way operations are conducted and managed, and the difference the software has made for its employees and the company overall.

“Since the implementation of the software, the reduction in redundant procedures and processes has been very beneficial for our employees,” said Vivian Tuccillo, operations manager. “We believe that the software will ultimately reduce man hours substantially, allowing employees to take on other tasks.”

Prior to selecting Unified Software as its software provider, Stout’s Charter Service considered several other companies. However it was Unified Software’s quick and thorough response to inquiries and its commitment to customer service that prompted the company to ink the deal with Sevada Badalian and his team. Since its launch, Unified Software has developed and implemented solid strategies for all of its customers designed to help them gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Unified Software is committed to providing the best software for its customers, but more importantly building strong partnerships with them, as communicated in the company’s tagline, “Real Partnership. Real Advantage.”

“The team at Unified Software has been extremely accommodating, patient and much more attentive than some of the other vendors that we’ve worked with,” said Tuccillo. “I’ve been very pleased with my decision to choose Unified Software and I’d definitely recommend them to other companies in the transportation industry.”

Unified Software was launched in 2006 and has quickly become an emerging leader in comprehensive, customizable and innovative software solutions for companies in the transportation industry. From the complete design and development of software systems to the addition of special functions, Unified Software engineers mission critical solutions to help companies eliminate chaos and make their business processes more efficient.

“We’ve been pleased with the implementation of the new software, and we’re excited that it will help Stout’s Charter Service better serve its clientele,” said Badalian. “When a company chooses to invest in advanced software tools to create a more efficient work environment, and better serve their market, even during an economic downturn, it’s evident that they truly care about their employees and their customers. It also proves that they’re committed to being the best in their industry, which is a mission that Unified Software also shares.”

For more information about Unified Software or technology trends in the transportation industry, contact Sevada Badalian at (615) 377-9950 or sb@unifiedsoft.net.