Our software engineers are among the best in the industry, with extensive experience as architects of custom solutions. They constantly seek out new technology and new ideas, all with the express purpose of improving the software we deliver to you.
Unlike many other software providers, we maintain complete end-to-end management of our products and services. We develop our own products, market our industry-leading solutions, and provide our customers with complete training and ongoing technical support.
What does this mean for you? Our end-to-end approach reduces both the risk and cost to you, and creates the most flexible solutions for your business. We focus on integrating your technology strategy with your business strategy to produce the greatest benefit and value to your business. In other words, we don't just come in, install some software, and walk away. On the contrary, we take the time to really understand your needs and how you need our software to work together seamlessly with your business activities.

Our incredibly talented team of engineers use only cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art architecture to ensure that our software applications will continue to support your needs as your business changes. This kind of attention to ongoing enhancement of our software solutions helps your business operate efficiently and with a significant competitive advantage.


Some software providers will come in, install your new software, hand you a user's manual, and wave goodbye. That's not the United Software approach – never has been and never will be. The only thing easier than installing our software applications is learning how to use it, thanks to our world-class training and customer support.
Before we deploy your customized software, we've studied and examined your workflows extensively to ensure that it completely matches your workflows and business needs. Once your software is installed, our expert, friendly staff will take you step by step through the solution set as many times as needed.
We don't stop until everyone in your organization is completely comfortable using your new software. In the vast majority of cases, both new and experienced users find the friendly and familiar Windows interface easy and intuitive, allowing them to reach full productivity in a very short amount of time.


IKAR adds maximum value to your business while maintaining an extremely low cost of ownership. Deployment, operation, and maintenance are straightforward, highly customizable, and fully supported by Unified Software experts.

When you choose our software applications for your business, you don't have to worry about whether you'll get your money's worth. In fact, you'll get much more than your money's worth because the return on your investment is immediate, quantifiable, and substantial.