Unified Software Inks Contract with Stout's Charter Service

Unified Software Inks Contract with Stout's Charter Service

Franklin, TN. - - August 8, 2007 – Unified Software Inc. announced today that it has signed a contract to provide Trenton-based Stout's Charter Service with its multi-faceted software solution, IKAR, which is designed specifically to assist businesses in the ground transportation industry. IKAR streamlines daily operations, such as call taking, scheduling, billing and more.

Unified Software is the architect, developer and promoter of IKAR programming. This specialty software is a Windows-based client server application that makes daily operation easier for ground transport companies. The IKAR programming solution offers a single integrated application that supports all aspects of business operation. Unified's support of IKAR extends to customizing the program's set up to ensure that the unique needs of an individual business are met.

IKAR puts everything a transportation business needs into a single package, providing a solid end-to-end solution. It can also be scaled back to only provide those solutions a business might need. The software is capable of handling such things as call taking, scheduling, dispatching, pricing, invoicing and even payroll, commissions and fleet management. It even offers remote access via web-based platforms. In short, it is designed to do as much or as little as a transportation company might require. The company's focus is on partnering with clients to determine and meet their needs through the tailoring process. Unified also stands behind its software, providing training and continued support.

The beauty of IKAR is that it integrates easily and smoothly with a company's existing software. It can be customized into nearly endless configurations that are all geared toward providing an individual business with the best possible solutions for their unique needs.

"All our products are designed and built to help ground transportation businesses to efficiently automate their day-to-day operation, from job booking up to customer billing," said Unified's Sevada Badalian. "We offer one integrated application that supports all aspects of their business operation."

According to Badalian, IKAR's Window-based format makes it very user friendly and simple to use. It operates much like any other Windows programs, which gives it an advantage over other programs that have more cumbersome and complicated user interfaces.

"The user interface is designed in a way that a user sees only the information that is needed for a specific reservation to be taken - not more or less," Badalian said.

Badalian said Unified is happy to be able to provide the solution that Stout's Charter Service was looking for. "They had looked at other products before calling Unified Software," he said. "After the online demonstration, they made the decision to go with us."

Stout's Charter Service offers paratransit medical and non-medical transportation using wheelchair and stretcher transport vehicles. The company also provides transportation to ambulatory clients with and without disabilities. It is considered leader in providing low-cost transportation in non-emergency situations. The company services all of the metro Trenton area by prearrangement.

Unified Software is currently developing IKAR programming tailored for other transportation-related industries, including taxi, transit and shuttle companies. Unified has been in business since 2001. Unified is an industry leader in the creation of enterprise applications for small-to-medium sized companies that are in need of digital dispatch systems and operational support. Its solutions are fully customized to meet company, fleet and budget concerns.

For more information, contact Badalian at (615) 975-6813.