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Franklin, Tn. - - January 28, 2008
– Unified Software Inc. has announced the release of three new applications to help ground transportation industry businesses thrive and succeed in the face of ever-changing needs. The new applications have grown out of the company's signature IKAR platform, which was designed specifically to meet the needs of transportation industry professionals.

The redesign of IKAR was prompted by Unified’s commitment to provide more tailored, adaptable and cost-effective products to clients in very different segments of the transportation industry. "The new release of our applications will help us provide more value to our customers with better architecture and functionality to meet the specific needs of ground transportation service providers," explained Unified’s Sevada Badalian.

The new applications to come out of this retooling will enable more efficient and cost-effective customization by Unified Software and clients themselves. The applications, set for a March 2008 release, are designed specifically for the shuttle, transit and taxi industries.

"Technology is becoming the centerpiece of running a profitable and efficient transportation business today," Badalian said. "Anyone that wants to start a transportation business or wants to stay in will have to make technology the cornerstone of their company. As state and city authorities mandate more advanced services for their citizens, technology is becoming the driving force for success."

To meet these needs, Unified Software is using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a vehicle for developing and bringing these new applications to life. SOA is an architectural style in which software applications are organized as a set of loosely coupled services. SOA results in agile IT systems that are more easily adapted in response to change. But it has another capability that could be far more important. SOA allows an enterprise to use externally provided services and to choose between similar services by different suppliers. This is exactly what the new applications will deliver, Badalian said.

Today’s transportation technology market is similar to the auto industry decades ago – there is no interoperability between different vendor products and no standards for communications. If a service provider wishes to replace MDT's on some of their fleet’s vehicles, they must replace them for the entire fleet along with the entire mobile data communication system that supports communication between the base system and the MDT’s. This leads to high initial costs, lack of flexibility and excessive switching costs.

Technology vendors are not responsible for the current state of affairs. Just as it took decades for car designers to make continuous improvements to attain the models of today, IT designers need time to see the underlining technology mature and have open standard based instruments to build today’s software and hardware products. Most of the technology vendors today do offer MDT’s that come with standard Windows CE OS, which combine with Public Wireless Data Networks (GPRS, CDMA) and standard communication protocols like TCP/IP and SOAP to make interoperability between different MDT’s possible, assuming the host system is also built with open standard technologies.
As large vendors start offering ruggedized Windows CE based Ultra Mobile computers that can fulfill the same tasks as today’s MDT’s, the commoditization of the MDT’s will be not far away. This will be a welcoming fact for the entire ground transportation industry.

SOA enables market competition among technology providers, which will also bring major benefits to the ground transportation industry, along with major changes.

The new applications deliver agility. They do this by virtue of the ease with which basic software services can be recombined and reconfigured to support a new business workflow. The features give new applications an advantage over other programs that have more cumbersome and complicated user interfaces that are difficult to operate, hard to learn and often inflexible to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

Unified Software is an innovative business solutions company that helps companies leverage the latest technology to improve their total performance, protect their business investment, and stay ahead of the competition.

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