The Unified Software BARRACUDA System is a powerful enterprise-wide solution for managing the complex and dynamic operating conditions of
Black Car business.
The BARRACUDA system is specially designed to be extremely functional and very easy to use. With well-designed user interface BARRACUDA will reduce training costs, improve customer service and increase productivity. Your operators will find everything they need for entering and maintaining reservation information, right there on a single screen.

BARRACUDA offers a wide range of reservation options that help you provide your customers with more convenient way to place reservations. Whether they are booking from remote kiosk, from the web, or directly from their desktop, BARRACUDA can be configured to support all of the above and more. It supports an automated as well as manual dispatch operation. Barracuda works with Android smart phones or tablets to support a
real-time automated dispatching. Unified Software's design philosophy toward open and standard architecture allows BARRACUDA to interface with wide variety of devices from multiple vendors and OS's, like Apple IPhone or IPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablets or any device that works on Android, Windows Mobile or IOS

It is a fully integrated system combining Customer Registration, Trip Reservations, Manual and Automated Dispatching, Reporting, Communications, and Database Management into a seamless and dependable package.


. Client Registration
. Instant access to customer profile
. Instant job reservation
. Automatic address verification
. Special instructions for individual jobs
. Automatic address verificatin and price calculation
. Quick reservation confirmations
. Instant access to recent and future customer reservations

. Automatic or Manual Dispatching
. Multiple Dispatch Rules, including queue or random digit based
. GPS fleet management
. Dispatch multiple fleets from a single location

. Client information management
. Customer Billing and Driver Payroll
. Flexible pricing engine
. User access privilege control
. General Reports
. System administration

. Import existing passenger records
. Generate reports from pre-built Report templates
. Download information to MS Excel or generate a PDF file.
. Run built-in trip history reports by customer, by driver or by day
. Run driver summary report

Barracuda allows your business to run more efficiently, making room for new and/or expanded customer services. In other words, you can grow your business and service your customers more effectively just by scheduling, dispatching, and other daily activities over to Barracuda.